UMe Federal Credit Union
Personality Matters to U and Me

The Studio system 

UMe Federal Credit Union had a strong identity and solid employees committed to living its brand. UMe was already fun, quirky, and smart, but the refreshed brand launched in 2011 had lost some of its initial impact. Although it had been extremely successful, the organization was ready for a new way to communicate to their members and the market.


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If it matters to U

We were tasked with developing an ad campaign that would position UMe with more sophistication, credibility, and trustworthiness in the market, while keeping the fun and unique feeling of the brand. The campaign would be deemed successful if it created new buzz within its close-knit market.

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It matters to Me

Working with a proprietary creative process which organized the character traits of the UMe brand into personality buckets, we elevated UMe’s “Jester” spirit. This brand pillar, associated with “quirkiness,” was then woven together with the brand archetype of a "Caregiver" – associated with altruism, compassion, patience and empathy. After establishing this  brand personality, we studied the market, assessed the competition, and created a campaign based on the theme:  “If it matters to U, it matters to UMe.”

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Knocking their socks off

“Adrenaline understood us so well that they took our beloved UMe brand, which we were already over-the-moon about,  to the next, awesome level with a campaign that knocked our socks off. They took the time to understand us, our people, our mission, our organization, our strengths, our opportunities, our intricacies, our uniqueness, our UMe-ness and they beautifully and artistically created our next, big move.”


– Anita Hutchinson, VP of Marketing, UMe Federal Credit Union