Adrenaline CXO Authors ABA Banking Journal Byline on Branch Marketing




In “Leaning Local: Brand + Branch Strategies for Success,” Gina Bleedorn explores essentials for investing in branch experiences and the successful marketing programs to support them

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 – In her recent bylined article in ABA Banking Journal, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer Gina Bleedorn describes a cohesive process for maximizing the investment in branches and the proximity marketing that makes them successful. “The reality is that despite declining traffic, branches put you in the game,” says Gina Bleedorn. “In fact, they are the leading driver of market share, and banks that invest in their branch experiences and marketing to support them consistently outperform competitors.”

On how critical the branch is, Ernst and Young data highlighted in the article shows that 82% percent of consumers cite branch presence as a chief consideration for selecting a primary bank, and that’s true, even among younger demographics. “Physical channel affinity appears to skew younger than anyone predicted, with some reports even finding Gen Z more attached to the branch than millennials and Gen X,” according to Gina Bleedorn. “Plus, the more valuable the services offered in them, the more powerful a driver they become.”

Critical elements of a brand-to-branch strategy include: 

  • Investing in the branch network to maximize branded experiences
  • Using your branch as an influencer to create deeper connections
  • Tapping into the Halo Effect of the branch network
  • Getting real-time and relevant data to make smart decisions
  • Understanding types of datasets and what the insights can tell you

The article also outlines how previous thinking about the physical channel was focused on the burden of the branch, but new, more advanced approaches are acknowledging its real power and potential. “Thinking about the value of the physical channel, leveraging the branch for growth is how community institutions can effectively take on megabank technology and scale, finds Gina Bleedorn. “It’s not your biggest cost burden. It’s your superpower.” 

For all of Gina’s insights, read the full article “Leaning Local: Brand + Branch Strategies for Success” in ABA Banking Journal. First printed in 1908, ABA Banking Journal is the flagship magazine of the American Bankers Association and is published online and in bi-monthly print editions. The publication provides analysis, insights and best practices for financial institutions of all sizes. 

To speak with one of Adrenaline’s thought leaders on brand-to-branch strategies that unleash powerful growth, contact us at info@adrenalineagency.com. Be sure to also stay tuned in to Believe in Banking as it highlights industry information and insights for banking leaders and Adrenaline’s Perspective channel featuring banking and credit union strategies for success. 

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