Adrenaline Takes Top Honors from PRSA Georgia




Experience design agency presented with Phoenix Awards for three categories of excellence – Twitter Engagement, Blogs and Digital Newsletter

Monday, November 11, 2019At its annual awards celebration at the Cobb Energy Centre on Thursday, November 7, PRSA Georgia announced the winners of its esteemed 2019 Phoenix Awards. Recognizing outstanding communications work, the awards competition receives scores of entries each year with only one in each program or project category selected to receive top honors – the coveted Phoenix Award. Adrenaline entered in three categories – Twitter Engagement, Blogs and Digital Newsletters – and ultimately received Phoenix Awards in all three. 

Adrenaline Takes Top Honors from PRSA Georgia

In the first award, the Atlanta-based end-to-end solution provider in experience design amplified their return appearance at the financial industry’s big show – Financial Brand Forum – to demonstrate their continued influence in the financial services industry. Leveraging its Twitter presence, Adrenaline built enthusiasm and engagement for attendees to Experience the Adrenaline Effect, driving buzz and foot traffic to the Branch Experience Makeover and the Multisensory Experience. Utilizing a push and pull strategy, Adrenaline directly engaged with event influencers to ultimately beat its goals more than 20 percent.

The second award in the Blogs category focused Perspective where Adrenaline provides content several times each week. This thought leadership platform is used to illuminate and elevate the agency’s viewpoint, process and approach to experience design within five core competencies – branding, advertising, technology, environments, and culture. After completing a campaign to increase engagement in 2016-2017, the company spent 2018-2019 refining and organically growing its audience by using data analytics to power its content generation efforts. This initiative resulted in an increase in page views and unique visitors by more than 25 percent. 

The final award in the Digital Newsletter category focused on The Latest, a monthly wrap-up of thought leadership from Perspective and company information in News, highlighting speaking engagements, conference appearances, industry awards, and media coverage. Distributed monthly to a target audience Adrenaline is uniquely positioned to influence, The Latest is a way for the company to further engage with its audience by illuminating the company’s expertise and viewpoints in experience design in the retail, financial and healthcare sectors. In 2018, The Latest beat the industry average click rate by a whopping 93.6 percent.  

Adrenaline Takes Top Honors from PRSA Georgia

Chelsea Hinkel, Adrenaline’s Marketing Manager, says, “It’s such an honor to receive awards in all three categories we entered. Everyone working in communications understands that the PRSA Georgia Phoenix Awards are sought after by companies across the region. Receiving these honors is recognition of our focus on communication strategies as a differentiator across numerous industries. Our passionate engagement with our audiences has elevated our own brand at the same time we are deploying excellent branding and experience design campaigns for our clients.” The PRSA Georgia Phoenix Awards is an awards competition by the nation’s second largest PRSA chapter recognizing excellence in public relations, communications and marketing.

Adrenaline is an experience design agency that creates and implements end-to-end branded experiences through creative and environmental design. We enhance our clients’ customer experiences across digital and physical channels, from their branding and advertising to design and technology in their spaces. After transforming an organization’s brand, Adrenaline extends it across all touchpoints — from employees to the market to in-store environments. And, we focus on serving industries that sell human experiences including financial, healthcare, sports and entertainment.

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