Adrenaline’s Experts Discuss Smart Decisions for Increasing Influence in Financial Brand Webinar




Gina Bleedorn, CXO, and Sean Keathley, President & CEO, present “Leveraging Location for Growth: How to Expand into New Markets and Thrive” with a live Q&A session to follow

Friday, June 4, 2021 – To be competitive in the post-COVID era, financial institutions must grow to survive – often by seeking new opportunities in new markets. With one in ten consumers planning on switching primary financial relationships in 2021, being in the right place and getting noticed has never been more critical for banks and credit unions. Now, a new Financial Brand virtual webinar takes on the topic of leveraging local influence to take advantage of growth opportunities. 

In “Leveraging Location for Growth: How to Expand into New Markets and Thrive,” Adrenaline’s Gina Bleedorn and Sean Keathley reveal how the latest type of data can be leveraged in branching and marketing to propel new market growth. “Opportunities to acquire new customers and deepen relationships are all around and available for financial institutions, but they often aren’t able to see the full picture without real-time, relevant data to drive decisions for marketing and branch growth,” according to Sean Keathley. 

Gina Bleedorn believes data is the differentiator for financial institutions. She says, “Making analytics accessible and actionable is critical for branching – to determine which markets, neighborhoods and potential sites have the most opportunity and what branch formats to put where.” But once there, how do financial brands acquire ideal potential customers? Here again, data makes its mark. Gina says, “Combining powerful location data and market intelligence into a smart physical channel strategy is critical to successful expansion efforts.”

Adrenaline’s Experts Discuss Smart Decisions for Increasing Influence in Financial Brand Webinar

In this insights-rich session, participants will learn how to align branch and marketing investment with market opportunity for maximum ROI and ways to leverage mobile location data to understand where customers and potential customers are. Sean and Gina will also discuss where to deploy what format – from self-service, micro and mobile to full-service hubs and flagships – based on smart data. Finally, the webinar will also touch on the best methods of deploying targeted digital marketing in and around branch locations and tying it all together with customized brand marketing strategies. 

To learn more about building a powerful data-driven strategy for expansion and growth, register free for the Financial Brand’s Leveraging Location for Growth: How to Expand into New Markets and Thrive. For information and insights on decision-making from the brand to the branch, visit Adrenaline’s Perspective channel and see Believe in Banking for the latest data on branch banking. To speak with one of Adrenaline’s branch experts about developing an optimization plan for your network, especially important in the post-COVID era, contact us at info@adrenalineagency.com

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