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Georgia Marketing Summit addresses how brands make authentic connections in today’s competitive landscape

On Thursday, February 1 in Atlanta, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer, Gina Bleedorn, participated in an expert panel at The Georgia Marketing Summit, the premiere statewide event for branding and marketing. The summit spotlighted ten curated sessions and included more than 300 participants, including representatives from every major industry across the state – from retail to hospitality, agriculture to entertainment, and the agency experts that support robust brand experiences. The “Beyond Branding” panel explored the foundations of brand identity, how brands evolve in a disrupted era, and the creative process that allows brands to shine.

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Gina describes how creative ideation is bringing the best ideas to the table. She says, “One of the biggest takeaways from our session was how important collaboration is for brands. Everyone on the panel discussed how they get the best ideas. One of our large financial services clients sponsors interagency ideations where everyone’s ideas are welcome. You have all practice areas together in the same room – social, PR, marketing, advertising, branding, digital, and retail – all collectively bringing ideas to the table. This results in integrated thinking that breaks down silos, resulting in a more aligned, engaged, brand experience for the consumer.”

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When the panel addressed what a brand is beyond an identity, Gina said that archetypes are a powerful tool. As we discussed in our article Brand Archetypes in Action, brands that embrace archetypes create more meaningful connections with their audiences. Gina says, “When we discussed archetypal mapping, it really resonated. All of the brands represented on the panel acknowledged that they were at some stage of archetypal development. Our process highlights a seasoned approach with science and methodology behind it. So, when you’re thinking beyond a static identity, archetypes can help move a brand towards a more human personality. The most successful brands have a clear human personality.”

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To learn more about our archetypal mapping process, reach us at info@adrenalineagency.com.

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