Frontline Staff Training Essentials for Post-Covid Branch Readiness




Priming your people for safety, support and service inside the branch during Covid and beyond

Monday, June 8, 2020 – For financial institutions, opening branches back up in our new Covid-reality is no easy task, especially since communities are at different phases of reopening. But nothing is more important to a financial institution right now than getting their people ready for reopening. To help banks and credit unions prepare staff for the safety and behavioral demands of the new branch environment, Adrenaline is creating a Frontline Staff Training video module, currently available for pre-purchase.

Sean Keathley, Adrenaline’s President and CEO, says, “The #1 question we’re getting about branch reopening is about people – a bank’s staff and their customers. Since we know we’re not snapping back to the way things were before Covid, team members will need to be trained on new tools to successfully serve customers safely inside branches.” These video modules feature staff training for operating with new safeguards, but they also go beyond reaffirming safety and security.

Gina Bleedorn, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officers, says, “In addition to new safety measures inside the branch, staff will also have new barriers between themselves and their customer that they’ll have to learn how to overcome to still be that place for consultative services that the branch is known for.” Leveraging staff empowers financial brands to ensure the branch is the place where community banks and credit unions can win the battle of trust over time by delivering service and deepening customer connections.

The Frontline Staff Training includes modules to help staff:

  • Enforce health and safety guidelines – Help staff and customers with new social distancing measures and post-COVID behaviors
  • Train and empower frontline staff – Educate frontline employees on operating within new standards while confidently providing customer-centric consultation
  • Build customer confidence – Provide customers and members reassurance and financial support services as you build new rapport

For more information on bank branch reopening in the post-COVID landscape, download our Roadmap to Reopening and pre-purchase our Frontline Staff Training If you are a financial institution needing advice and expertise now, you can contact Adrenaline’s financial services experts at covidready@adrenalineagency.com or call (678) 412-6903. If you’d like to speak with one of the financial industry experts, contact us at info@adrenalineagency.com.

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