Old National Bank
Making the Old New Again


The Digital-Physical Challenge / A New Challenge for the New Decade

Old National Bank faced a challenge: balance digital banking with brick-and-mortar branches. Even though customers were conducting more and more transactions online, they still preferred in-person banking for more personal services such as taking out a loan. This is especially true for millennials. Old National needed to update its physical locations to appeal to these customers, making the in-person banking experience as unique, seamless and comfortable as its online counterpart.

Old National Bank

Re-locate, Re-think, Re-model

Old National Bank focused its efforts on its flagship branch in downtown Indianapolis. First, it moved the branch to a trendy location on Monument Circle, with the intention of increasing foot traffic to the bank. It then set about creating a new Old National banking experience, enlisting Adrenaline’s help to do so.

Old National Bank - Monument Circle

Creating the Bank of the Future

We partnered with Old National Bank’s architect and technical team to concept, design and create the Old National Bank of the future, all in just eight weeks. To ensure that the simple aspects of the branch were automated, we replaced the teller line with cash-recycling pods, and installed Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) for transactions that don’t require face-to-face interaction. For more complex transactions, we trained bank employees and encouraged them to roam freely and talk to customers rather than working an immobile teller station.

Old National Bank

The New Old National

With its flagship branch revamped, Old National Bank has begun integrating the new features into its other branches, with plans to modernize all Old National locations in the near future. 

Old National Bank - Monument Circle
“Since remodeling these branches, account openings have increased 66%, and ATM transactions have gone up 60%.”
  • Old National Bank
  • “Our customers have really responded to the new Old National Bank. We’ve truly created the bank of the future.”

    Bob Renock, Director of Creative Content Design at Old National

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